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Quick warning – I only work with people who understand the value of time and mutual respect and therefore do not reschedule cancellations within 24 hours without a valid reason. If you fail to provide me with notice you will not be provided with another chance.

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What is it like to work with me?

We have helped restore over 300 ladies body confidence… are you next?


How long will it be until I see results? 

  • You will notice changes within the first week of working with us in terms of how you feel in yourself mentally. 
  • Physical changes will begin to show within the first 14-21 days, as time goes on your progress will snowball with the most dramatic changes being 12+ weeks. 

Can I work out from home, if so, do I need any equipment? 

  • Your programme is completely personalised and tailored to you, if you can only workout from home then that’s what we will do! I have numerous clients working out from home and getting insane results.
  • Body weight workouts can be super effective to begin with, after a certain point I would advise investing in some cheap equipment such as resistance bands/dumbbells or kettlebells to maximise your progress. 

What am I going to need for my journey? 

  • Scales for weighing 
  • Kitchen scales for food
  • Tape measure 
  • Optional – Fitness tracker (fit bit/apple watch)
  • Optional – Gym membership 
  • Optional – Water bottle 

“I think I need to start with in person PT sessions first” 

  • Incorrect! As my programmes are completely personalised and tailored to you, we will work at your own pace! I work with a huge number of clients ranging from complete beginners to experts. 
  • My programmes are designed to take you from gym novice to gym boss, by the end of it you will be doing things you never thought you could. 
  • With online coaching you get so much more in comparison to the 1 hour a week you would spend with a trainer on a gym floor, it’s 24/7 accountability and covers your whole lifestyle. 

“Who is the programme for?” 

  • Shaped by Shim is NOT a quick fix or fad diet. 
  • It is for girls who want to level up in life and become the best version of themselves in a healthy and sustainable way! 

“I am scared to make the decision” 

  • Good, you should be! 
  • When it feels scary to jump, jump… otherwise you will be stuck in the same position for the rest of your life. 
  • It is completely normal to be scared to invest in yourself, being nervous means that you are levelling up in life!

“Can I still go out and have a life on the weekend?” 

  • ABSOLUTELY… I still enjoy a social life and I practice what I preach! 
  • Obviously in a fat loss phase there will have to be some sacrifice, but we can work around and manage your social occasions.